Frequently asked questions


Yes. You do have to pay to come to BNE.

  • Brisbane Northside Emergency is a private fee-for-service Emergency Department. All consultations are covered by Medicare, although not totally (ie. we do not bulk bill).
  • There is an out-of-pocket expense (ie. gap payment) not covered by Medicare or Private Health Funds. Some patients may qualify for a refund from various Government Safety Nets. Further information visit Medicare Safety Nets.
  • We do not send out accounts. All attendances/accounts need to be settled at the time of consultation. We take all major credit cards and can arrange a Medicare refund when processing your payment.
  • Should you require x-ray or pathology tests these services will be billed to you separately by our providers.
  • We are a separate business to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside. We are not linked to The Prince Charles (public) Hospital. All doctors working at BNE are self-employed and not employed by Brisbane Northside Emergency or St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside.

While you are at BNE, you may require diagnostic tests. Any services such as x-rays or blood tests are billed separately by each specific service provider.

All accounts are payable at the time of service. Payments can be accepted by credit card or EFTPOS.

BNE is a fee-for-service practice. The doctor will invoice you based on the most appropriate Medicare item numbers available for the service that was provided. The receptionist will process your account/provide you a receipt, and if you wish, will also process your Medicare claim electronically, if you are entitled to one. As we can only submit the claim on your behalf, you will need to contact Medicare directly if there are any issues with your claim.

Getting there

  • We treat all ages – children and adults. Babies aged 12 weeks and under are recommended to be seen at the specialist paediatric public emergency departments, at either Prince Charles’ Hospital or the Queensland Children’s Hospital.
  • We specialise in emergency medicine and care.
  • We treat all conditions from diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues, pains, coughs, wounds to general sickness… nothing is too trivial!
  • No matter what time of the day or night, if you’re concerned about your health or the health of someone in your care – come to BNE.
Yes. Simply ask the Ambulance driver to take you to BNE.

Private Health

No. You do not need Private Health Insurance to come to BNE.


Yes. We have access to a full range of radiology and pathology services 24/7.

If you require admission to hospital, we will investigate and choose the most suitable hospital facility to transfer you to. We will ensure options are discussed with you and then coordinate this transition process. At all times, the decision as to where to transfer our patients to, is made in a careful and considered way to ensure the best care for every individual patient.

Some of the Hospitals we send our patients to include:

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside
627 Rode Road

Pennisula Private Hospital
Corner George & Florence Streets

North West Private Hospital
137 Flockton Street

Brisbane Private Hospital
259 Wickham Terrace


BNE offers a range of emergency services to Brisbane GPs and their patients. As the closest emergency facility to many local GPs on Brisbane’s Northside, our extended services can assist in the effective and fast treatment of your patients. For more information on referral processes and other requirements, please see the below frequently asked questions.


We have a large cardiology caseload with easy access to Cardiologists and a cardiac catheter lab that is accessible 24/7 (including public holidays).

The standard of care for cardiac patients at BNE and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside is second-to-none. The majority of these presentations are taken to the catheter lab within 90 minutes of arrival.

Yes. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals treat children of all ages. We attend to most childhood accidents and illnesses at any time of the day and night. Babies aged 12 weeks and under are recommended to be seen at the specialist paediatric public emergency departments, at either Prince Charles’ Hospital or the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Very sick infants and children requiring urgent, serious care should be taken directly to the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

We apply casts and treat fractures referred to us for our management.
Yes. Whenever possible, our doctors appreciate your call with a brief hand-over. Please use our dedicated GP referral Hotline: 07 3326 3303. Your patient will feel reassured knowing that “my GP called and you are expecting me” (a phrase often quoted to our reception staff).
Yes. In most cases, we will send these back to you for your records.

BNE can see and treat MOST patients. There are some exceptions:

  • Major Multi trauma: Please proceed to the larger public facilities.
  • Obstetrics: There are no in-patient services for obstetrics/gynaecology at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside. Generally, BNE does not treat patients over 21 weeks gestation. However, our strong relationship with North West Private Hospital provides us with an almost seamless transition for gynaecological emergencies requiring admission.
  • Mental health: We do not have facilities to treat mental health patients. There is a major facility located at The Prince Charles Hospital.
  • DVA: We are happy to see DVA patients if they pay for the service then claim back from their provider. However BNE is not a DVA provider. Patients insured by The Department of Veterans’ Affairs can be DIRECTLY admitted to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside under their private consultant if you have made such arrangements. Alternatively, The Prince Charles Hospital Emergency Department can manage DVA patients.
  • Workers Compensation: WorkCover patients are treated at BNE. However:
    • All patients are required to pay for their treatment at the time of consultation and arrange their own third party rebates. WorkCover is no exception.
    • We do not directly bill any third party or send out accounts.
    • Additionally, WorkCover patients requiring admission to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside initially require Private Health Insurance, until their claim is accepted.